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Luxurious Attar Perfumery

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Black Rose Oud

Black Rose Oud is infused with pure oud oil. It is a perfect harmony of dark and warm, with a heady dry down of oud balanced by layers of sweet rose and grapefruit.




Notes: Rose, grapefruit, oud, spices.

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Oud Royal Wood

Oud Royal Wood is a warm fougere fragrance with a melange of woody and spicy nuances, perfected by a majestic base of opulent oud. Masterfully crafted using pure oud oil, one of the rarest ingredients in the world.


Notes: Rose, clove, cedar, sandalwood, bergamot, oud.

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Silk Oud

Silk Oud is an explosion of florals contrasted perfectly by a touch of citrus that slowly evolves into a sweet vanilla base, before resting on a smoky base of oud. Leaves a lingering delicate impression.



 Notes: Rose, lily of the valley, violet, lavender, vanilla, citrus, oud.

Luxurious Attar Perfumery

Almusk™ is a trademark brand of 786 Retail. Almusk™ brings to the world the finest, most luxurious perfume oils, inspired by the ancient Arabian craft of attar perfumery, the world’s oldest form of perfume making.

These fragrances, uniquely crafted by blending and combining precious materials like oud, capture and revive the pure, rich essence of classical Arabian perfumery in the form of oil-based perfumes.

Attar, obtained through distillation, was used predominantly in Arabia, India and Persia. By merging the unique craftsmanship and fine artistry of these vibrant cultures, we have curated the most exquisite fragrances.

We pride ourselves on our presentation. Our luxurious fragrances are housed in our signature bottles, which are handcrafted from the finest crystal glass. Each bottle is hand-polished to define each masterpiece, making every bottle unique and different. Each bottle comes with a textured gift box and a small velvet pouch.

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