Frequently Asked Questions

What is a perfume oil?
Perfume oils are the highest concentration of scent. Perfume oils are more concentrated with less fillers, do not contain dehydrating chemicals and generally stick to your skin longer.
Why perfume oils over EDT and EDP sprays?
Perfume oils have a clean, rich, true scent and last longer. The perfume elements and extracts in perfume oils are much more concentrated than those in conventional alcohol-based eau de toilettes and perfumes, which only contain a small amount of aromatic compounds diluted with alcohol and other fillers. Perfume oils have the highest concentration of aromatic compounds and are not as diluted as conventional alcohol-based perfume sprays, making perfume oils longer lasting.
Do Almusk perfumes contain alcohol?
Unlike alcohol-based sprays and perfumes, all of our products are free from ethyl alcohol.
Do Almusk perfumes contain real oud?
Our pure oud oils, such as Assam Oud, are 100% real oud. Fragrances in our Gold Collection contain pure oud oil as an ingredient. Oud Sultan in our Gold Collection has been produced by extracting oil from the branches and flowers of the Aquilaria tree (the tree where oud comes from).
Why are your bottles only 3ml, 6ml and 10ml in capacity?
Because perfume oils have the highest concentration of aromatic compounds, only a small amount needs to be applied each time.
Why is the White Musk Pure perfume oil consistency thick?
This is primarily because the solvent used to produce White Musk Pure has a high viscosity which is popular in non-alcoholic fragrances, especially in Arab markets. White Musk Pure is also a highly concentrated blend of perfume oil. It is pure and undiluted, giving it the strongest, most potent scent.   A very small amount of this perfume oil can last for hours. In fact, based on certain tests we conducted, the scent has lasted up to two days, particularly when applied to clothing.
Do perfume oils last long?
Based on our tests, perfume oils are very long-lasting. Our perfume oils last anywhere from 6-12 hours.
Do you test your products on animals?
We do not test our products on animals.
Where should I apply my perfume?
Heat is what activates a perfume. So, ideally it should be applied to your pulse points due to the warmth of your blood. The pulse points are on your wrist, behind your ear, inside your elbow, the bottom of your throat, and behind your knee. However, it can also be applied anywhere, such as on your clothes and hair.
How should I store my perfume?
Store your perfumes in a cool, dark place away from humidity and direct sunlight.
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